Poisoning & Drug Overdose by Kent R. Olson

Poisoning & Drug Overdose by Kent R. Olson

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When a clinician can’t wait for the poison control center and has to act fast — this is THE book to turn to

“A-Z coverage of all common poisons and drug”

With each bestselling edition, “Poisoning & Drug Overdose” has helped poison control staff, medical toxicologists, and emergency physicians respond to drug-related emergencies and chemical exposures. The new edition of this trusted at-a-glance offers the latest advice needed for the effective diagnosis and treatment of poisoning and drug overdose.

The Sixth Edition features: Critical insights into timely topics such as drug interactions, newly released drugs, and the latest blackbox and other warningsUpdated coverage of industrial chemicals, including the most recent regulatory exposure limitsSpecial pregnancy considerationsComprehensive index featuring generic, chemical, and brand names for nmany drugs and commercial productsThe authority of the California Poison Control Center

Organized A-Z with only clinically-relevant information:
Part I. Evaluation and Treatment Principles;Part II. Specific Poisons and Drugs;Part III. Therapeutic Drugs and Antidotes;Part IV. Environmental and Occupational Exposures.

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