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Countdown to Spanish by Gail Stein

Countdown to Spanish : Learn to Communicate in 24 Hours by Gail Stein

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Master Spanish in just one day

When time is of the essence, trust Countdown to Spanish to help readers master the language quickly and effectively.

Organized into 24 units–each of which is designed to take no more than one hour to study–

this self-instruction book presents material in a “countdown” fashion, from Hour 24 all the way down to 0, allowing learners to gauge their progress along the way.

Beginning with a basic introduction of grammar and vocabulary fundamentals, the units move quickly to practical conversational skills for both vacation and business travelers.

Upon completion of the guide–the equivalent of just one day–readers eager to apply their newly honed language skills will be able to communicate in a variety of everyday, real-world situations.

Countdown to Spanish by Gail Stein PDF

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